Meet The Team

Meet the liberty-minded individuals who vet your liberty candidates. Some of the Liberty Candidates team have answered the Liberty Questions. Click “Continue reading…” to see their answers. To discuss, use the comment box at the bottom of each team member’s page.

Gigi Bowman
Real Estate Agent, Wife, Mother
Long Island, NY

2007: Started the Long Island Ron Paul 2008 Meetup

2009: Started the Long Island Campaign for Liberty Meetup and was appointed Suffolk County Coordinator by National CFL, eventually stepping down from that position in 2010 to focus on

2009: Began which vets and endorses candidates from all parties for all offices, national and local, helping voters determine who is actually liberty minded. Continue reading…

Sally Oh
V.P. & Web Moll,

Political activist, wife, mother to two home-schooled young men (now graduated — yay!) Sally is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church (July 1973) and a student… Continue reading…

marsha foster committee memberMarsha Foster
Team member
The New 2010 Nicholas County Constable
Nicholas County, KY

Marsha is a stay-at-home-mom home-schooling midwife-apprentice liberty-activist. Her business is Great Expectations Birth Services. Continue reading…

david andrew gayDAVID ANDREW GAY
2010 Liberty Candidate for NY State Assembly
Team Member
Syracuse, NY

Endorsed in 2008 by Ron Paul and by Thomas Woods in 2010 as a candidate for US Congress, David was a top volunteer recruiter… Continue reading…

Lennie R. Cloud
Team member
Bexar County, TX

Lennie’s website is Retired Air Force, 20 Years, Libertarian Party, Libertarian Party Liaison for Liberty Coalition (Third Party Alliance), Local Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty (Bexar County, Texas). Oath Keeper. Member of FreedomWorks, Common Cause and Restore the Republic. Continue reading…

dan tuckerDan Tucker
Team member
Pinellas County, FL.
Dan Tucker for State Committeeman

B.S. Engineering (UNY), MBA (NSU), 10 yrs. U.S. Navy, Vietnam Era Veteran, Political… Continue reading…

Dr. William Greene
Team Member

Political Consultant – S.I.C.M., Inc. | President, | Region 7 Coordinator, Georgia Campaign for Liberty | Continue reading…

brett syversonBrett Syverson
Team Member
Minneapolis, MN

Brett is an entrepreneur in Minnesota who runs 3 non-profits and 4 small businesses, providing iMarketing and technology consulting for small business owners, artists, philanthropists, and honest politicians. He is an independent… Continue reading…

jaynee germondJaynee Germond
Team Member
2010 Liberty Candidate

Jaynee is not a career politician, but a real person who spent her life working in real jobs. She was in healthcare for 25 years, taught in private and public schools and homeschooled her youngest daughter. She was also a small business… Continue reading…

amandaAmanda Trbovich
Team Member
Pittsburgh, PA

My name is Amanda Trbovich. I am a fairly new Liberty Activist, having only been involved since October 2009. Since that time, I have spent many hours educating myself on Liberty issues including the Constitution, The Federal… Continue reading…

dan maiulloDan Maiullo
Dan’s website is here.
2010 Liberty Candidate
New Jersey

I ran my first campaign for public office in 1982 at age 23 for the Libertarian Party. I was too young to run for Congress, so I challenged incumbent Democrat John Lynch for mayor of New Brunswick, New Jersey.  He won but was convicted… Continue reading…

Steve Susman
Team Member, 2010 Liberty Candidate, 2012 Liberty Candidate

Small Business Owner, Husband, Father, and Congressional Candidate for Texas CD 22. Our country is in the gutter, and it is my aim to pull it out. Our Constitution is NOT a doormat! It is time for all “unrepresentatives” to get the hell out of our House, and I’m here to help them pack. Continue reading…

David Macko
Team Member

David is the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Congress in Ohio US House District 14 against incumbent Steve “Expiration Date” LaTourette. David looks forward to applying for endorsement as a Liberty Candidate as he was in 2010. Continue reading…

Jeff Daiell
Team Member

Jeff is Proprietor of Jeff Daiell Communications.  Not only is he a Liberty Candidates team member, but he was also a vetted 2010 Liberty Candidate! In fact, he is the most successful gubernatorial nominee in the history of the Libertarian Party of Texas! Thank you, Jeff. Continue reading…

Jacqueline Smith
Team Member

Jacqueline is mother to 5 beautiful children. She currently homeschools her youngest four children. She is part owner of a plumbing company, CRS Mechanical Contractors, Inc. which specializes in radiant heat, plumbing, snowmelt, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and solar water-heating. Continue reading…

Jeremy D. Adams
Team Member
North Carolina
“Virtus sola nobilitat”

Citizen Soldier, Combat Veteran, American Warrior who attended USMA for economics and Regent University for Film Production. Ran for NC State House and is active in the Republican Liberty Caucus and other pro-liberty organizations. Continue reading…

Mike Koffenberger is a Libertarian police officer currently running for the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s District 4 as a vetted 2012 Liberty Candidate. Ron Paul was one of Mike’s major influences to get involved in politics.

He enjoys reading and studying history and politics via liberty and libertarian authors of the Mises Institute,, and others. Mike is married with two sons and considers their future the reason why he is running for office. Continue reading…

Bill Walker: “I was raised on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution by a father who taught me about the Banks and the Federal Reserve at a very young age. At 17 I joined the Young Republicans. My family had no clout or connections but I wanted to learn how our system really worked. I spent the next 22 + years working in every cycle and on every campaign I could. I worked my way up the Party ladder and was unanimously elected to be the Local Party Chairman. A great deal of pressure was put on me to support who ever won the Primary and I just would not play ball.

“I joined the Tea Party Movement very early on and was very disappointed when it was corrupted by the Republican Party. When the Idiots in Washington voted to raise the debt ceiling and the talking heads began defending it I was done. I did not seek another term as Chairman and made a donation to Ron Paul for President.

“I call myself a member of the Liberty Movement although I would very much like to see the party rebuilt in the Image of Rand Paul and Justin Amash. My life is an open book and I invite anyone to look at my Personal Facebook page or question me at length. I can provide proof or documentation about my past and references if needed.”

Mert Melfa, Liberty Candidates team memberMert Melfa: Hyde Park, New York

Grassroots member Team New York, dedicated to restore liberty in New York State. Decades long Ron Paul supporter. “Dr. No was my political hero!”. We need candidates on the state and federal level with the gritty resolve to end Big Government Socialism. No compromise on principle. Keenly interested in exposing RINOS …


2013 Liberty Inspiration Award Winners