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Matthew answers the Liberty Candidate questions:

I) Re. the U.S. Financial System:
Q. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today? Poor. We continue to devalue our currency while increasing our obligations and borrowing. Unless we terminate our relationship with the federal reserve and begin issuing currency backed by precious metals we will surely find ourselves in the midst of disaster. We cannot sustain our current fiscal path and those capable of fixing the mess we have been intentionally been placed within lack the fortitude to do so.

Q. What corrective actions could we take right now to improve the economy? We need to end entitlement spending, cut military spending back to supporting our navy (and by extension air force), and terminate income taxes. This would provide a massive spring board for the economy by stabilizing what currently is a fiscally reckless and irresponsible congress. We need to stop picking ‘winners and losers’ and handing out government subsidies and taxpayer funds. The free market must rise once again as the only viable method that will save us from ourselves.

Q. Do you agree with the actions the Federal Reserve has taken to solve the financial crisis? If not, what could the Fed have done differently? It is a sad fact that the federal reserve can do nothing but steal value from anyone who participates in our economic turmoil. I disagree with the actions of the federal reserve, the bailouts, and stimulus spending they have engaged in. We could have ended this problem 6 years ago by backing our currency with precious metals and terminating our relationship with the federal reserve. Instead we have made things far worse through increases in taxation and government hand-outs.

Q. Should the Federal Reserve be audited fully, no secrets, or does it need to keep some information under wraps? Yes, the federal reserve should be fully audited so we fully know the depths of their treachery and then we can make a horizontal currency shift and shut the fed down once and for all. The people are the ultimate authority and source of our fiscal might. We have unconstitutionally allowed a private entity to leverage and profit off the value created by the people.

II) Re. Foreign Policy:
Q. What is your opinion on current US foreign policy? My opinion as to our current foreign policy is one of disgust. I fully support the idea that we should not have entangling alliances with any other nation. We would only enhance our national security by keeping our nose out of the business of others. I look forward to a time where our nation is once again the shining city on a hill that others may strive to emulate but sadly do not envision that to be possible without a complete reversal of our current foreign policies.

Q. How should we fight a “war on terror”? By not getting involved in the affairs of other nations, getting out of where we are involved, and ending foreign aid. We are responsible for the creation of terrorists and others who hate us because we continue bombing the homes and villages of others. Blow back is a real and proven concept and we are our own worst enemy in this regard. We can choose to end this cycle of violence or continue to perpetuate it. I prefer the former to the latter and we should all be working towards that end.

Q. Should the U.S. occupy other countries? If not, would you push to close all bases? Are there any you would keep open? We should not occupy any other nation or foreign lands. We would not tolerate this happening anywhere in American so we cannot rationally expect any nation on earth to tolerate that from us. I would push to close all foreign bases immediately and bring all of our troops and equipment back to our shores. This would have a tremendous positive fiscal impact upon our economy as well since this would require building additional infrastructure and would directly inject salaries of our fine men and women back into our local economy as opposed to injecting them into foreign countries.

Q. Should the U.S. maintain its standing army? No, we should not maintain a standing army. We should maintain a strong navy and air force for the defense of our sovereignty. We should return the national guard units to control of the states and allow the states to maintain their units at the pleasure of their citizens.

Q. Is the Patriot Act necessary to protect America? If not, would you vote to repeal it? The patriot act never protected Americans. This act was nothing more than a false flag for the intrusion of our privacy and wholesale stomping of our rights. This act should be repealed immediately.

III) Re. Personal Liberty:
Q. What information may the U.S. government legally gather about its citizens? When would it be necessary to overstep those boundaries? Name, rank, and serial number is all they should be able to get out of anyone. The collection of private information by the various alphabet agencies far exceeds any lawful purpose or constitutional authority. It should never be justifiable to overstep these boundaries for doing so is yet another infringement upon our rights which is completely unacceptable.

Q. What limits, if any, should be placed on the U.S. government’s ability to search its citizens without a warrant? A warrant should be required for all searches and seizures performed by the federal government. If our government cannot justify the necessity of a warrant they are merely fishing in an attempt to build a case against an individual. Many people have died through the illegitimate practice of warrant-less raids and searches especially since government agencies sometimes raid the wrong locations even with a warrant.

Q. Ought the U.S. government be allowed to protect its citizens’ health by outlawing foods it considers unsafe, or to force medicate (i.e., fluoridation) or force vaccinate citizens? No. The government should not attempt to limit what I choose to put into my body nor should they dictate to me what I must put into my body. Medical science is always evolving and we often learn that what once was considered a good thing is now bad. Government violates the non-aggression principle by forcing such things in any manner.

Q. What controls, if any, should be placed on the right to own a gun? Is there an effective way to keep guns out of the hands of madmen and criminals without encroaching on the rights of free, law-abiding citizens? None. The right to arms including equality of arms shall not be infringed. I support the GOA and their zero compromise approach in this regard. The only effective deterrent against evil in the world is through a show of strength. Too many millions of people have been killed because they have been unable to lawfully defend their natural right to life. Gun control places the life of a criminal at a higher level of value than that of an innocent and I want nothing to do with that.

IV) Re. U.S. Sovereignty:
Q. Is our involvement in and subjugation to global organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), NATO, the UN, etc., a benefit to U.S. citizens? Such organizations do not benefit Americans. Often memership to such organizations require treaties and are the result of compromise. The most frequently compromised upon item is the natural rights of individuals. These organizations do nothing but erode the sovereignty of our nation by pressuring us to endorse an order and rule above that of what we subscribe to over ourselves.

Q. Would you work to repeal international agreements that purport to hold U.S. citizens and/or property under its jurisdiction, or do you think there might be times when benefits outweigh concessions? At no time is any international agreement or treaty superior to the natural rights of individuals. There is never a good time to sacrifice rights for the ‘common good’ because what is lost or easily surrendered is nearly impossible to reclaim. There is no greater good on earth than that of upholding the rights of individuals over that of government.

Q. Are trade agreements with other nations, i.e., NAFTA, CAFTA, good for U.S. citizens? Trade agreements often require us to sacrifice portions of our economy and productivity under the socialist guise of ‘greater good’. These agreements frequently violate the non-agression principle by attempting to control the free market with the force of government. The result of which is increasing rates of crony-fascism and further subjugation of people under layers of government.

Q. Should the U.S. give foreign aid to other countries? If yes, for what purposes would it be justified? If not all countries, which would you continue to support? No foreign aid should be given to any country. We can treat them all equally and trade with them all equally while preserving our capital for what matters most; investment into our own economy at corporate and individual levels. It has been said that foreign aid takes from poor people in a rich country and gives to the rich in a poor country. This practice further undermines the free market which is the only force on earth to uplift the poor from poverty.

V) Re. State Sovereignty:
Q. When does state law take precedent over federal law? Unless the constitution specifically delegates powers to the federal government they are reserved to the states and people respectively. In cases where the powers are directly delegated the Supremacy Clause takes affect and federal law is then superior. States can and should nullify laws they believe are unconstutional and this practice is on the rise which is a good thing.

Q. Would you stand up to the federal government and demand that it stay within the bounds of its enumerated powers and out of state business? Yes. Our founding fathers envisioned a government limited in scope specifically tasked with the protection of our rights and property. The government we have today has ignored the constitution and perverted its intent.

Q. Do federal officers have the right to arrest non-military citizens within the individual states for any crimes? For a few limited sets of crimes, yes, they have that authority. For everything else they do not and should coordinate with local law enforcement in order to enforce any federal laws that have not been nullified within the state. In general federal agents should be required to seek approval from a local sheriff before attempting to serve any federal warrant or make any arrest. The Sheriff is the highest authority in his county and that authority should be respected.

VI) Illegal Immigration:
Q. What do you see as the #1 problem with illegal immigration? The biggest problem I have seen is that illegal immigrants have more rights than citizens. We have encouraged illegal immigration to the point of absurdity. From social welfare magnets to attempting to curry favor with the groups through intentionally lax law enforcement, to going as far as fighting for their privileges to vote and drive. We have done much to make our citizenship worthless to foreigners and this needs to be fixed.

Q. What actions could we take to stop illegal immigrants from taking advantage of social services? End social services. There will always be some degree of fraud when it comes to government programs. We should end them completely and enable private charities to fill the void. The less government does for us the more empowered we are to fulfill our own desires and work towards a better future for each of us individually. That is the true American Dream and it has been distorted and corrupted.

VII) Misc. Questions:
Q. If you could make one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be? I am still advocating for the repeal of the commerce clause. The only argument against such a change is that had the commerce clause been followed per its intent we would not be in the predicament we are in today. This clause is, unfortunately, the majority source of our current regulatory hell we are mired within. It is past time to take away this much abused and oft exceeded clause to empower the free market once again.

Q. Would you vote to end government subsidies to private industry? Yes. Government subsidies are nothing more than highly organized and carefully orchestrated crime. We steal from the citizenry in general to support connected lobbyists, crony fascists, and common thugs who are unable to make an honest buck when left to their own devices.

Q. What should our government’s action be against Julian Assange, if any? None. He was only the publisher of information received. While some may consider it journalistic malpractice such deeds fail to be determined as criminal action under current law.

Q. Do you know what Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the Communitarian agenda is? Do you support it? Why or why not? It is a decades old set of initiatives which seeks to control all aspects of life and property through force of law in incremental and gradual tyrannical creep. I regularly speak out against agenda 21 and do not support it in any fashion. I follow the NAP as stated above and Agenda 21 is nearly the polar opposite when examined as a whole. I will continue to fight against A21 and any regulations or rules that advance this totalitarian scheme.

Matthew Hess
Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom

PRIMARY DATE: 6/24/2014
Any primary challenger? None are currently registered for candidacy but I an anticipate at least 2 joining.
Phone Number: three O three-747-5 six O7


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