VP answers the Liberty Candidate questions:

Sally Oh
V.P. & Web Moll,

Political activist, wife, mother to two home-schooled young men (now graduated — yay!)

Sally is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church (July 1973) and a student of FasterEFT. She is a follower of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

As her children have grown, she’s become a relentless food freedom, property rights activist, lobbying in Frankfort during the legislative session and writing about it for Sally can be reached via email here.

Sally’s 15 minutes of fame involves her letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center. She has yet to receive a badge. Or a response.

Sally answers the Liberty Questions below:

I) Re. the U.S. Financial System:
1. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today?

Illegal, immoral, a fiasco. ALL of our problems would take a leap towards resolution if we would close the Federal Reserve which is illegally and immorally funding all of the U.S. government’s illegal and immoral actions: wars, prison system, pensions, bail-outs… the list is long.

2. What corrective actions could we take right now to improve the economy?

Let it crash.

3. Do you agree with the actions the Federal Reserve has taken to solve the financial crisis? If not, what could the Fed have done differently?

The Federal Reserve is a criminal private banking cartel and should be shut down immediately. Our economy needs to crash. Anything else is immoral and illegal.

4. Should the Federal Reserve be audited fully, no secrets, or does it need to keep some information under wraps?

Audited fully, no secrets. Then the people responsible for plunging us into such illegal debt and bankrupting us should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We could just hold them in Gitmo until we sort this out.

II) Re. Foreign Policy:
1. What is your opinion on current US foreign policy?

You mean the bombing and murder of people all over the world for oil and domination spreading democracy? Shameful. We must return to a constitutional foreign policy: entangling alliances with no one, free trade with everyone.

2. How should we fight a “war on terror”?

LOL. Why don’t we stop creating one?

3. Should the U.S. occupy other countries? If not, would you push to close all bases? Are there any you would keep open?

NO! I would close all bases as fast as humanly possible and never open another one.

4. Should the U.S. maintain its standing army?

No. The Constitution demands that we appropriate money for an army every two years. The Founders set it up this way so that we would not take a standing army lightly. They feared a standing army because it’s a hammer. And when you have a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.

5. Is the Patriot Act necessary to protect America? If not, would you vote to repeal it?

Repeal immediately.

III) Re. Personal Liberty:
1. What information may the U.S. government legally gather about its citizens?

It may get a headcount for census for representation. That’s it.

When would it be necessary to overstep those boundaries?

Never. Now that we’ve been engaged in so many illegal wars and have created so much terrorism around the world, I am no longer afraid that a terrorist will kill me or hurt me. So my government will never again be allowed to overstep its boundaries in the name of making me safer. To allow this ever for any reason will only create more danger for me and my family from my own government.

2. What limits, if any, should be placed on the U.S. government’s ability to search its citizens without a warrant?

No search without a properly executed warrant signed by a judge after careful consideration of probable cause.

3. Ought the U.S. government be allowed to protect its citizens’ health by outlawing foods it considers unsafe, or to force medicate (i.e., fluoridation) or force vaccinate citizens?

NO! Not the proper role of government. I own my body. My husband and I also own our children’s bodies until they are mature enough to make their own decisions.  My children, my husband and I will decide when that time has come.

4. What controls, if any, should be placed on the right to own a gun? Is there an effective way to keep guns out of the hands of madmen and criminals without encroaching on the rights of free, law-abiding citizens?

None. You can’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals and madmen. What a ridiculous notion. Our best defense is a well-armed militia. An armed society is a polite society.

IV) Re. U.S. Sovereignty:
1. Is our involvement in and subjugation to global organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), NATO, the UN, etc., a benefit to U.S. citizens?

NO! We need to immediately resign from them all and never join another.

2. Would you work to repeal international agreements that purport to hold U.S. citizens and/or property under its jurisdiction, or do you think there might be times when benefits outweigh concessions?

Repeal them all and never join another.

3. Are trade agreements with other nations, i.e., NAFTA, CAFTA, good for U.S. citizens?

NO! Free trade does not require any agreements. Let businesses handle their trade agreements with businesses in other countries. Keep the government out of it — not a proper role of government and certainly not in the enumerated powers.

4. Should the U.S. give foreign aid to other countries? If yes, for what purposes would it be justified? If not all countries, which would you continue to support?

NO! Not a penny. Charity is best handled by private enterprise.

V) Re. State Sovereignty:
1. When does state law take precedent over federal law?

Always except for the enumerated powers.

2. Would you stand up to the federal government and demand that it stay within the bounds of its enumerated powers and out of state business?

Absolutely and every chance I got!

3. Do federal officers have the right to arrest non-military citizens within the individual states for any crimes?

Federal Law Enforcement Officers have the authority to arrest non-military U.S. Citizens for four crimes only: treason, piracy, counterfeiting, and violations of treaties. They must get permission from the county Sheriff and the Sheriff must accompany them on the arrest.

The federal government was never intended to have general or plenary police power. The individual states were to have general police powers; the feds were limited to police powers within its enumerated powers. Federal Officers cannot make arrests for violations of state law and can only make a citizen’s arrest for felony violations of state law committed in their presence.

That said, some states have given authority to federal law enforcement officers to make arrests within their states for violations of state law. Like a broken tail light. This is unconstitutional; however, it is being done — check your state!

In KY there are nine federal agencies that have been given local police powers: FBI, Secret Service, US Marshals, DEA, BATF, US Forest Service, Office of Inspector General, US Customs, US Nat’l Park Service.

The Mint Police requested this during the 2012 legislative session; this bill did not see the light of day.

The Department of Homeland Security is pushing for a national police force, but it is unconstitutional. Not that the Executive Office wouldn’t grant it. Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the “federalization” of crime.

VI) Illegal Immigration:
1. What do you see as the #1 problem with illegal immigration?

The fact that it’s called “illegal.” Free people — which includes all human beings — have the right to travel freely.

“Most Americans think that freedom means the government gets to tell us who can come here and live with us. Even many Americans who believe strongly in free trade in goods can’t quite bring themselves to embrace free movement of people. De-socialize society and the immigration ‘problem’ resolves itself into a great blessing for us all. Foreigners will come — the best and hardiest of them —because of the abundance of opportunity a free society represents.”
— Lawrence W. Reed, The Freeman

Re. closing the borders. Protecting our borders is one thing; preventing free people from traveling freely is another. Closed borders is an extremist solution to a problem that a) is not a problem, b) won’t solve anything, and c) will create more problems for free people.

Closed borders will require us show our papahs at every opportunity to prove we aren’t illegal. And what if we are suspected of carrying false papahs? Opportunity for frisking, more searching, confiscation of goods… this will lead us down the road to more police state militarization and domination.

I do believe that, since there aren’t enough terrorists to justify porno scanners at every mall, that “illegal” immigration will be the tool governments will use to install them. “Immigrants are the cause of all our problems!! They are stealing our jobs!!! They are raping our women! Taking over our government! Having more babies than us!” Sigh. So tiresome.

There is no way to keep people out unless we build a wall around the country, including beaches and waterways, that go down 20 feet into the earth to prevent tunnels. We’ll have to shoot down planes/boats we don’t know, require every pilot to allow his/her plane/boat to be searched upon entry… c’mon, what are we doing?

We’d also have to do the e-verify to make sure Americans get first access to jobs. This will require government oversight in all areas of private enterprise. If I have to explain why this is anathema to freedom, you don’t understand anything about it.

2. What actions could we take to stop illegal immigrants from taking advantage of social services?

End social services for everyone. They are unconstitutional, not the proper role of government and we can’t afford it. I have no beef with people who need a hand getting it from somewhere, just not with tax dollars overseen by a taxconsumer. Charity is private. Government charity has simply created a Titanic and we are all going down with that ship. End it for everyone.

VII) Misc. Questions:
1. If you could make one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be?

That politicians must work for minimum wage. I’m being facetious — there shouldn’t be a minimum wage! Not the proper role of government.

My goal is for my government to work within the confines of the current Constitution. That would solve a majority of our problems! I would support a balanced budget amendment. I would also support repeal of the Commerce Clause — would love to hear a discussion on this. How about an amendment forbidding anyone getting a government check from voting?

2. Would you vote to end government subsidies to private industry?

Immediately. Free market capitalism will solve all our problems.

3. What should our government’s action be against Julian Assange, if any?

Julian Assange should be awarded a medal for courage. The U.S. government is going after him — would actually like to kill him — because he tattled. Some people question whether or not our military was compromised. What hogwash! Our military was not compromised and that’s according to our military. Freedom of speech must ALWAYS be protected. Assange didn’t put our troops in danger. Our government is.

4. Do you know what Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the Communitarian agenda is? Do you support it? Why or why not?

I know what it is and it must be eradicated at every opportunity. We are losing our property rights to “sustainability” and to corporate and foreign interests. A very sad state of affairs.

  • Lenny Ladner

    Excellent. I wish you were running for something.
    Have a good day.

    Lenny Ladner

  • Sally

    Thank you! I plan to. I appreciate the vote of confidence!

  • Paul

    so did you pass? lol

  • Sally

    I’m afraid to ask. Pretty tough crowd…!

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