John Fitzgerald: Liberty Candidate for U.S. House, California

John lost his primary to the incumbent. See you next time, John — we look forward to it!

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John answers the Liberty Candidate questions below:

I) Re. the U.S. Financial System:
Q. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today?

Our monetary system was hijacked by a criminal cabal of private bankers with the unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. The constitution clearly states that congress should issue our money so the Federal Reserve must be audited and abolished. Thanks to these thieves printing money out of thin air and charging us hundreds of billions of dollars in interest for the privilege, our dollar today is worth just two cents of a 1913 Federal Reserve Note.

Q. What corrective actions could we take right now to improve the economy?

End the wars, end the Fed.

Q. Do you agree with the actions the Federal Reserve has taken to solve the financial crisis? If not, what could the Fed have done differently?

The Federal Reserve caused the crisis. First they created the housing bubble by keeping interest rates artificially much lower than market rates, then as soon as Lehman Brothers collapsed, they – for the first time in their history – started paying interest on reserves paid back into the Federal Reserve by commercial banks. Within a few months of Lehman, the Fed took in $500 billion in reserves from the banks. Since banks can lend 30 or more times their reserves (fractional reserve banking), this underreported rule change sucked more than $15 trillion out of an already reeling economy. And the banks (who just happen to include shareholders of the Federal Reserve) are still not lending.

The Fed went on to give tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars to foreign banks, but nothing to mortgage holders.

What could they have done differently? They should have surrendered themselves to the Secret Service for counterfeiting, fraud and conspiracy and shut up shop.

I recommend everyone watch the documentaries “The Money Masters,” “The Secret of Oz,” America: Freedom to Fascism,” and “Inside Job.” These criminals should all be behind bars.

Q. Should the Federal Reserve be audited fully, no secrets, or does it need to keep some information under wraps?

The Federal Reserve should not exist, let alone be able to keep secrets from us.

II) Re. Foreign Policy:
Q. What is your opinion on current US foreign policy?

It’s shameful, immoral and wrong. The “Bush Doctrine” – preemptively invading sovereign nations just because they might, sometime in the future, decide to attack us – is a euphemism for a war of aggression. Obama has enthusiastically continued the policy.

Iran hasn’t invaded anyone for 200 years, Libya didn’t attack us, Iraq didn’t attack us, and neither did Afghanistan. Bin Laden was a CIA asset (we funded him and Al Quada while he was fighting the Russians) and the Taliban’s biggest crimes were opposing the Unocal pipeline and eradicating the opium poppy crop.

Let’s talk to and trade with the world – not bomb it into submission.

Q. How should we fight a “war on terror”?

A better question would be how do you declare war on a noun? Invade the offices of Miriam-Webster? Joking aside, the so-called “War on Terror” was based on a lie, that some guy on dialysis in a cave got the entire US military to stand down and demolished three New York skyscrapers with two planes. Six of the ten 9/11 commissioners said they were lied to and their report was a whitewash.

Now this War on Terror is being directed at you and me, the American people. Our phones are tapped, emails read, we get molested at the airport by the lawless TSA – and courts have ruled that we can be strip searched for jaywalking. Police departments are buying tanks and all kinds of military hardware and soon our skies will be patrolled with 30,000 drones. Just last month Homeland Security announced they were buying 400,000 hollow-point 40-cal rounds for “domestic” use.

The Obama administration has illegally authorized the secret arrest, torture and assassination of US citizens. They have even announced “reeducation camps” for political dissidents. Do you still think the war on terror is aimed at Al Quada?

Q. Should the U.S. occupy other countries? If not, would you push to close all bases? Are there any you would keep open?

Just as foreign countries have no right to occupy the USA, the USA has no right to occupy foreign countries. We should close down all our foreign bases. The USA routinely invades and occupies other sovereign nations for many geopolitical reasons – resources, trade routes and debt – but never for the reasons stated to the public. As Sun Tzu said, “All war is based on deception.”

Q. Should the U.S. maintain its standing army?

Our founders warned us about standing armies, but with modern mechanized warfare, a well regulated militia is not enough to repel foreign invaders. We do need a standing army, at the very least at the State level – but they must never be deployed in the US. Mind you, every Swiss citizen over the age of 18 must own and be trained with a fully-automatic assault rifle, so the entire population can be mobilized within 24 hours of an invasion. Besides never getting invaded, Switzerland has an extremely low rate of burglary.

Q. Is the Patriot Act necessary to protect America? If not, would you vote to repeal it?

As Ron Paul says, the Patriot Act would more aptly be named the “Repeal the Fourth Amendment Act.” It diminishes our freedoms and is mostly used against low-level drug users.

And since it clearly violates the Fourth Amendment, it has no legal standing (see Marbury vs. Madison). If elected one of the first things I will do is to propose to repeal the Patriot Act and the even more egregious National Defense Authorization Act.

III) Re. Personal Liberty:
Q. What information may the U.S. government legally gather about its citizens? When would it be necessary to overstep those boundaries?

The US Government can legally find out how many people live in the USA to determine the size of each congressional district. And that’s it.

Q. What limits, if any, should be placed on the U.S. government’s ability to search its citizens without a warrant?

The US Government has no right to search citizens without a warrant. The Fourth Amendment is very clear on this.

Q. Ought the U.S. government be allowed to protect its citizens’ health by outlawing foods it considers unsafe, or to force medicate (i.e., fluoridation) or force vaccinate citizens?

This is a tricky one. In my platform, I propose making it a felony to knowingly add biologically harmful agents (neurotoxins, immunosuppressants, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals etc) into our food, air, water or vaccines. But regulating food and drugs is not within the Federal Government’s enumerated powers; this enforcement should take place at the state level (Tenth Amendment), or through the courts.  You could argue that the Federal Government could use the Commerce Clause to prohibit poisonous food, water and vaccines being transported across state lines, but the Commerce (and Supremacy) Clause have been stretched and distorted far beyond the founders’ intentions already. Besides, the Federal Government already far oversteps its enumerated powers by using the USDA to raid Amish farms for selling raw milk. I do not want the Federal Government deciding what we can and cannot consume. We have the natural right to grow, eat and drink whatever we choose. If we are poisoned, either by neglect or intent, common law allows us to sue for damages through the court system. On a related note, the Federal Government has no constitutional power to grant immunity to vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits from people harmed by their vaccines, let alone the power to force vaccinate people against their will.

Q. What controls, if any, should be placed on the right to own a gun?

There should be no controls whatsoever. The Second Amendment plainly states that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.

Q. Is there an effective way to keep guns out of the hands of madmen and criminals without encroaching on the rights of free, law-abiding citizens?

While none of us like the idea of criminals and madmen being armed, who gets to define “criminal” and “madman”? The Soviet Union routinely declared dissidents insane and locked them up in mental hospitals. Homosexuality was defined a mental illness right here in the United States. As for crime, this year alone 40,000 new laws were entered on the Federal Register. How many have you broken? Should you be disarmed for drinking raw milk? Putting recyclables in the wrong container? Making a mistake on your tax return? Jaywalking? Disagreeing with the government? It’s dangerous to let the government decide who can and cannot be armed.

My personal view is that when law abiding citizens are armed, they have little to fear from armed madmen and criminals. When everyone’s armed, you get a very polite society. When total gun bans were enacted in the United Kingdom and Australia,  gun crimes went up. The most dangerous cities for gun crime in the USA are Chicago and New York – where most law abiding citizens are banned from carrying guns. And as I mentioned earlier in Switzerland where owning assault rifles is required by law, gun crime and burglary are extremely rare. Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao were big advocates of gun control – and I’m not.

IV) Re. U.S. Sovereignty:
Q. Is our involvement in and subjugation to global organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), NATO, the UN, etc., a benefit to U.S. citizens?

Global organizations have no constitutional power over the United States. We are a sovereign nation and all unconstitutional laws and treaties have no basis in law, as established by Marbury vs. Madison. The UN is an unelected, private organization with no checks and balances and has a stated goal of global governance. We should evict the UN from the United States, along with all of its subsidiary arms (WHO, UNESCO et al.) NATO has become the enforcement arm of the United Nations and they have no right to tell us which countries to bomb. We should leave NATO immediately.

Q. Would you work to repeal international agreements that purport to hold U.S. citizens and/or property under its jurisdiction, or do you think there might be times when benefits outweigh concessions?

International agreements have no constitutional authority over the United States (Marbury vs. Madison). They need not be repealed, merely ignored.

Q. Are trade agreements with other nations, i.e., NAFTA, CAFTA, good for U.S. citizens?

I’m all for free trade, but NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and the WTO were set up by and for select transnational corporations to the detriment of the true free market. The “giant sucking sound” Ross Perot warned us about has happened. The US has been deindustrialized and not even the poorer nations have benefited.

Besides, it’s disingenuous to oppose all tariffs while we and other nations provide government subsidies to private industries (agriculture, textiles, steel, timber and finished products). Tariffs used to fund all Government activity and they are much preferable to the unconstitutional Federal Income Tax.

Q. Should the U.S. give foreign aid to other countries? If yes, for what purposes would it be justified? If not all countries, which would you continue to support?

Foreign aid is rarely, if ever, given for altruistic reasons. War criminal Henry Kissinger wrote at length about using food as a weapon. By dumping huge quantities of subsidized grain on foreign markets, you make it uneconomic for those nations to grow their own food. I also recommend everybody to read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” which explains how the US works with transnational corporations to use so-called “aid” to con foreign counties into unpayable debt, leading to the theft of their natural resources.

So when is it justified? Natural disasters come to mind, but in those cases the public steps up and gives generously.

V) Re. State Sovereignty:
Q. When does state law take precedent over federal law?

In all cases except in those enumerated powers clearly outlined in the constitution. See the Tenth Amendment.

Q. Would you stand up to the federal government and demand that it stay within the bounds of its enumerated powers and out of state business?

Absolutely – the Tenth Amendment is very clear on this matter.

Q. Do federal officers have the right to arrest non-military citizens within the individual states for any crimes?

Only within the Federal Government’s enumerated powers. Protecting the borders, for example. They could arrest US citizens smuggling contraband across national borders. The Secret Service has the power to arrest counterfeiters – although I think they should start with the counterfeiters at the Federal Reserve . . .

VI) Illegal Immigration:
Q. What do you see as the #1 problem with illegal immigration?

First and foremost, it suppresses wages for working americans. Back in the 50s it was possible to raise a family on jobs now mostly filled by illegal immigrants – meatpacker, kitchen worker, farm worker, hotel custodian. Now they barely support one person. If companies followed the law and only hired US Citizens and legal immigrants, wages would rise and those companies would have to provide a safe working environment.

Q. What actions could we take to stop illegal immigrants from taking advantage of social services?

We could require proof of residency for people requesting social services, but I’m not in favor of this. Most of our illegal immigrants are economic refugees from Mexico and other Latin American nations who were forced off their land in the aftermath of the passage of NAFTA. There are tens of millions of them here, trying to make a better life for themselves, although in recent years the US economy has gotten so bad, a significant portion of them are returning home. The enforcement should take place in the form of better border control and legal action against US employers hiring illegal immigrants.

VII) Misc. Questions:
Q. If you could make one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be?

Repeal the 16th Amendment, even thought it was not properly ratified by the states.

Q. Would you vote to end government subsidies to private industry?

Yes, but on the condition that we can impose tariffs on imported products that received government subsidies from their governments. (aka “Dumping”)

Q. What should our government’s action be against Julian Assange, if any?

None – whistle blowing should not be a crime and he hasn’t been charged with it.

Q. Do you know what Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the Communitarian agenda is? Do you support it? Why or why not?

Agenda 21 is a United Nations program to bypass the Constitution and impose global governance by stealth through unelected agencies like ICLEI. Its goal is to track and control every aspect of our lives, abolish private property and use regulations to drive us off rural lands and into compact cities in the name of “sustainability.”

Needless to say, I’m against it.

Your Name: John Fitzgerald
Office you seek: U.S. House of Representatives
State:     CA
District:    11
PRIMARY DATE: June 5th, 2012
Phone Number: (nine two five) three eight three-9927
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