Dan Cox: Liberty Candidate for U.S. Senate, Montana

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Dan answers the Liberty Candidate questions below:

I) Re. the U.S. Financial System:
1. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today? It is unconstitutional. Congress shall coin money and States shall pay debts in gold or silver coin.

2. What corrective actions could we take right now to improve the economy? End the federal reserve bank and go back to constitutional money.

3. Do you agree with the actions the Federal Reserve has taken to solve the financial crisis? If not, what could the Fed have done differently? The Fed shouldn’t be doing anything. They are totally unconstitutional and should be dissolved.

4. Should the Federal Reserve be audited fully, no secrets, or does it need to keep some information under wraps? We need to know everything that they have done and criminal charges may be in order. They printed around $16 Trillion dollars and gave it away. All without Congressional approval. This is counterfeiting.

II) Re. Foreign Policy:
1. What is your opinion on current US foreign policy? Every war we are engaged in is unconstitutional. No war has been declared by Congress since world war 2. We should only engage in wars declared by Congress.

2. How should we fight a “war on terror”? Letter of Marque and Reprisal against specific individuals. Wars are only fought against countries, not individuals.

3. Should the U.S. occupy other countries? If not, would you push to close all bases? Are there any you would keep open? If we are involved in a constitutional war we should win and go home. We should close all or most of our bases in other countries.

4. Should the U.S. maintain its standing army? It is against the constitution to maintain standing armies.

5. Is the Patriot Act necessary to protect America? If not, would you vote to repeal it? The Patriot Act infringes on most of our rights. The only way to stay safe is to maintain Liberty. I would vote YES on repeal.

III) Re. Personal Liberty:
1. What information may the U.S. government legally gather about its citizens? When would it be necessary to overstep those boundaries? None and never unless a proper warrant is issued.

2. What limits, if any, should be placed on the U.S. government’s ability to search its citizens without a warrant? Those limits are already set under the fourth amendment.

3. Ought the U.S. government be allowed to protect its citizens’ health by outlawing foods it considers unsafe, or to force medicate (i.e., fluoridation) or force vaccinate citizens? There is only one food that should be outlawed and that is GMO’s only because they cross pollinate with all other crops and could destroy the world’s food supply. This is a special case. Any food that isn’t a GMO including raw milk should be legal. If GMO’s could be grown without cross pollination then they should be legal as well. People shouldn’t ever be forced to put anything in their body against their own free will. I am against medicating or adding toxic chemicals to water. I would warn against vaccinations and they shouldn’t ever be forced. You body is your most valuable property. The government has no say over how you treat it, otherwise your body is really their property.

4. What controls, if any, should be placed on the right to own a gun? Is there an effective way to keep guns out of the hands of madmen and criminals without encroaching on the rights of free, law-abiding citizens? The second amendment states the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. There should be no controls. You can keep guns out of the hands of criminals only by due process of law. Once they have fulfilled their sentencing they are once again free.

IV) Re. U.S. Sovereignty:
1. Is our involvement in and subjugation to global organizations, such as WHO (World Health Organization), NATO, the UN, etc., a benefit to U.S. citizens? It is a tyranny to U.S. citizens. Our sovereignty is infringed with all of these ties. We need to restore our national sovereignty by getting out of all of these organizations.

2. Would you work to repeal international agreements that purport to hold U.S. citizens and/or property under its jurisdiction, or do you think there might be times when benefits outweigh concessions? We not only need to get out of all of these treaties, but review which ones were actually ratified by the Senate.

3. Are trade agreements with other nations, i.e., NAFTA, CAFTA, good for U.S. citizens? Our founding fathers stated we should have trade with all, but allegiance to none. The trade is fine, but the free market should determine the trade, not agreements which are manipulated for the benefit of a few.

4. Should the U.S. give foreign aid to other countries? If yes, for what purposes would it be justified? If not all countries, which would you continue to support? There is no constitutional ability to give money to other countries for any reason.

V) Re. State Sovereignty:
1. When does state law take precedent over federal law? State law has all power that isn’t given to congress under article 1 section 8. The 10th Amendment is clear on this issue. We do have to be careful of State tyranny however. We must remember that the part in the tenth amendment about, “or to the people.” The State also has to obey the constitution and it’s state constitution. We must also remember that the ninth amendment declares retention of rights by the people not declared by the constitution. Really the people retain power with a few duties of the Federal and State Government.

2. Would you stand up to the federal government and demand that it stay within the bounds of its enumerated powers and out of state business? Absolutely.

3. Do federal officers have the right to arrest non-military citizens within the individual states for any crimes? Only if it falls under Article 1 Section 8. It is pretty narrow counterfeiting, piracy, etc.

VI) Illegal Immigration:
1. What do you see as the #1 problem with illegal immigration? We had open immigration until 1914. That is because, when people came here they benefited and we benefited. Their were no freebies. Now illegal immigrants get freebies. The war on drugs is the other main problem. It creates an underground economy from which illegals benefit greatly. End the war on drugs and eliminate the freebies and illegals will have no reason to stay.

2. What actions could we take to stop illegal immigrants from taking advantage of social services? The easiest way to fix a socialist system is to end it. I have no interest in running socialism in a good way.

VII) Misc. Questions:
1. If you could make one amendment to the U.S. Constitution, what would it be? Many of the amendments I would propose would clarify original intent, no federal reserve, commerce clause only applies to enumerated powers, etc. I think though that disallowing the government from borrowing money would be the most important amendment that would be new, not a clarification.

2. Would you vote to end government subsidies to private industry? Absolutely.

3. What should our government’s action be against Julian Assange, if any? I really haven’t followed this case.

4. Do you know what Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and the Communitarian agenda is? Do you support it? Why or why not? Not only do I know about it, but I lead a referendum to repeal our growth policy to stop zoning in our county. We won that issue and pushed these main tenants of Agenda 21 out of our county government temporarily. I have a video on my website http://www.dancox4senate.com that talks all about this fight and makes reference to Agenda 21 and their plot to own and control all property in the world under the guise of saving the planet.

Your Name: Dan Cox
Office you seek: U.S. Senate
State: MT
Phone Number: four O six-three six nine-5524
Email Address
Website: www.DanCox4Senate.com


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